Bold, beautiful, and impossible to ignore

Sarah Caltieri is an award-winning singer/songwriter/actor from Leeds in the UK, currently making her mark on the global music scene. She has spent many years collaborating with musicians in a variety of genres, working with legendary tutors, as well as fronting 5 bands. She has performed in venues across the UK, from small-scale to stadium-sized venues, and has had original songs broadcast on national television, national and international radio.

Pushing boundaries against all odds…

Her sound is unmistakable, fusing a powerful, angelic voice to raw, guitar-fuelled instrumentation. She is influenced by a wide range of artists from different cultures, making her style difficult to pigeonhole, though often combines a soulful delivery with an untamed punk attitude. Sarah’s songs often touch on subjects of overcoming hardship and going against the odds, serving as the perfect soundtrack for anyone going through the trials and tribulations of life. She’s known for pushing boundaries with her music and going to extreme lengths to capture the perfect sound for each track.

To date, she’s put out a handful of well-received releases through her own record label that has seen her grow a steady following worldwide. She got her to start collaborating with other artists, though her career truly kicked off when she wrote the song “Higher Than Before”. The track was heard by millions and featured in the documentary she starred in about her own life journey. A budding actor, she has also featured in many plays and shows. For several years now her full-length album “Something I Couldn’t Say…” has been her main project. Songs from the project landed spots on many international music charts, cementing her as a force to be reckoned with in the wider music industry.

Unstoppable and unperturbed by obstacles

The journey to fully-fledged recording artist has not been an easy one. Whilst pursuing her recording and acting career, Sarah lost most of her vision at age 23, through type 1 Diabetes, as a result of a common diabetic eating disorder (EDMT1) from her late teens. Due to being partially sighted, she was often rejected from many roles. She didn’t let this get her down though and kept on moving towards her dreams. Growing up she was fortunate enough to be surrounded by an eclectic range of influences which seeps through in her genre-defying sound. Inspired by acts like Jimmy Hendrix, Little Richard, The Beatles, John Lennon, Oasis, Patti Smith, she leans more in a pop and rock direction. As a child, she would perform in musicals with her first live solo performance being as Freddie Mercury singing a rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in front of her school friends.


Due to a life-threatening diabetic eating disorder, she put her dreams on hold for a while though she never stopped writing and performing — noting that music is a healing and liberating process which allows her to show the world her innermost feelings.

“Independence rules this spirit” 

(Alternative Fruit)


"Amazing and very inspiring..."

(Radio Saltire : Katie G)


“Sarah Caltieri is something of a divine talent on the up.
The Award-winning singer/actor has built something of a portfolio
with her increasing array of capabilities.” 

(Rockstar Poet / Rockstar Blog : Ansel Manderson )

 Sarah's Chronicles

(Bat audio: Sarah is wearing a red plunge neck top, her hair is dark brown hair and she sitting in Roy's Rolls whilst talking to a lady.)

Sarah's Chronicles #31

Happy Birthday!

Day of birth. Thank you for giving me, life parents! Without you, there would be no “chaosttieri.” It's definitely been an interesting one... this year’s birthday was one I'd never expect to see in my lifetime. “Coronavirus Birthday.” Speaking to all my friends virtually or on phones as we are currently in a national lockdown. And the party? Wow... zoom parties are actually so much easier to organise than physical ones. It's quite funny when people have had a few drinks, and everybody is talking at once, and there is a slight delay. It's also really strange just looking at everybody’s faces lined up on a screen from their living rooms so “new age.” A lot of fun, but I am craving human physical madness, sparkles, physical dancing, and meeting new humans in person.

(Bat Audio:The first image shows a clip from Sarah's birthday bash where we see in the background a purple Happy Birthday sign which has fairy lights draped on either side and above the sign. Sarah is looking very glam in her purple bandana, her glittery gold eye patch, and you can see half of her black lacy sexy top. There are some funky cushions behind Sarah, two of which are gold glitzy cushions, a red velvet one, and a yellow velvet cushion. Next to the yellow cushion, you can see half a pink balloon. Sarah's party is in session!

On the second image, there are 3 pictures of when Sarah was a baby. Two pictures show Sarah wearing what looks like blue dungarees with a pale blue jumper underneath, sitting on a green patterned carpet. The bottom picture shows baby Sarah sitting next to a red and cream toy train. Sarah looks like she is thoroughly enjoying a delicious chocolate cookie. The top picture shows Sarah holding the biscuit with both hands in her lap, and her mouth is wide open, and she has a very startled look on her face showing that she knows she’s been caught in the act! It’s a priceless baby picture! The third picture shows baby Sarah being held whilst wearing a very cute and cuddly red Christmas onesie with a white zip front. She has on some white socks and mittens and the most adorable Santa hat where the white rim of the hat almost covers her whole head. Above this picture is the font Sarah’s Chronicles and below it the time which shows 08:57.

The last image shows an Apple phone with a picture taken of a slice of Sarah’s birthday cake. Sarah is wearing her fishnet glove on her hand, which is stretched out holding a white plate with a red rim, and on the plate is a slice of birthday cake blazing with lit candles. In the background, you can see the purple Y from the birthday sign and a string of draped fairy lights on the wall.)



5th March 2021

Sarah’s Chronicles #30
#MeToo movement


Theatre 503 wanted to take a stance and make voices heard the #metoo movement and commissioned 10 writers to write short plays in response. I performed in two of the plays ("To Be My Eyes" and "Words" by April de Angelis directed by Lisa Spirling). "To Be My Eyes" (written by Amy Bethan Evans, directed by Ailin Conant) was the precursor to Tinted, a one woman show, (Amy wrote in some of my favourite Rockstar's songs into the piece for me to sing in this show )!

It was an honour to give voice to these plays and be part of this response as I myself have been subjected to persons abusing their power on multiple occasions (especially within the entertainment industry) during my work and, unfortunately, in my own personal life. (I forgive you).

(Bat audio: The first image shows "Sarah's Chronicles" in bold blue font on the left side with a double line on the top and bottom of the text. This sits next to a gallery of thumbnail images of all the 10 authors who wrote the plays for The Words Are Coming Now theatrical performance which took place at Theatre 503 in London.
The second image shows the same Sarah's Chronicles font on the left-hand side and next to this is a screenshot of a newspaper extract from the Guardian newspaper of a lady in a dark blue patterned top sitting on a chair against a red background. Underneath this image is a short summary of what the play is about and the location - Theatre 503.)


26th February 2021

Sarah’s Chronicles #29
Auction of Promises Dinner London - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

I'm very passionate about finding the cure for type one diabetes as it affects so many thousands of people across the globe and I feel so honoured to be able to use my singing and have used my music to help to do this.

As a supporter of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, I've been involved in numerous fund-raising events, however ... I was never “auctioned off” until this dinner!! After I performed the set, unbeknown to me that it was going to happen, I was then auctioned off! (This involved people bidding on me and paying a price for me to sing another song.) The money was then donated to JDRF. Pleased to say my rendition of Erma Franklin’s “Piece Of My Heart” earned £500!

(Bat Audio: The first image is of Sarah in full pelt(she must have been singing a top hit!) her right hand holding the microphone on a stand and her left arm resting comfortably on her left hand side. She has shoulder lengthened brown hair and is wearing a black and white zebra print dress with black tights. She's standing in front of a fireplace with what looks like a white speaker nestled in front of the fireplace.Resting on top of this is a small flower pot. Above the fireplace is a picture of red flowers in a field in a gold frame. The next image is of a poster promoting the Auction of Promises Dinner with a gavel on it with the initials JDRF next to it, the gavel is hitting a plate with a needle on it. Both of these images are on a background with what looks like an old receipt in the bottom right-hand side and an old ticked off list in the top right-hand corner. Sarah's Chronicles is typed in big bold text in the left-hand corner.)

19 February 2021


Magazine & Newspaper Articles 2003 - 2020

Magazine & Newspaper Extracts 2003 - 2020

Sarah's Chronicles #28
First original pop collaboration - ‘Too Much Traffic’

Had a look through tons of song sketches and demos since lockdown and found this...
‘Too Much Traffic’ co-written with Joe Kenny, produced by Joe Kenny and Sean Hayward.

I was told I could have an op to try and save some of the sight in my left eye (the 3rd) and after also having thousands of shots of laser surgery too. There was a risk I could lose my remaining vision, though, if it went ahead. Couldn’t make the decision, so I went and co-wrote this song instead and had a brilliant laugh in the studio with the fellas. We never stopped laughing all through the making of this! Then fate did decide for me. I got a cataract on top of the other complications, and they had to operate anyway. I did gain some vision back!

Although never officially released, this was played in a Leeds nightclub with a film crew in tow and featured on a few TV programs.

My voice hasn’t half been on a real rock n' roll journey since then (had just come from stage singing when I recorded this single).

P.S. the vocal was recorded in my underwear! Freeing you see...(Don’t worry, these fellas can’t see a stitch;)). 👙🤣😂

🦇 audio: This post is on a greyed out background of what looks like a crowd of people with their hands in the air. In black writing at the top centre is 'Sarah's Chronicles' and directly underneath
this is the title 'Too Much Traffic'. We see a green bordered black and white image of Sarah with her head turned to the left. She is wearing a very stylish black hat with what looks like chain links
on it. Her shoulder lengthened hair is cascading down her neck with her right index finger resting on her neck.
Sarah has a heart-shaped eye covering over her right eye and is looking like she's on a mission. Under this image shows the song being played with the play button highlighted in green and at
the bottom right of the picture written are the words ' Copyright (c) 2005 Sarah Caltieri & Joe Kenny.


                                           12th February 2021

If I Said Photoshoot  - July 2017

(Bat audio: These are images of Sarah's promo photoshoot for If I Said. There are 8 pictures altogether with 3 rows of images. 

The image in the first row is a picture of the cover of the single If I Said on a vintage style background where Sarah is sitting in the doorway of a caravan leaning forward with her left hand resting on her right elbow. Sarah is looking very happy and excited. Her hair sits just below her ears and is dark brown in colour with a few striking blue streaks. She is wearing a printed cream dress with different shades of brown circular and blocked lined shapes on it. She has turquoise blue tights on with brown studded boots. Sarah is wearing what looks like a round wooden ring on the middle finger of her right hand. On her left wrist she is wearing a brown shell-like bangle. To the left of the caravan entrance on the ground is a vintage style radio cassette player. On the caravan is written the title If I Said and further down Sarah Caltieri. The second image of the first row is a headshot of Sarah where just her left shoulder of her purple coat with a cozy, black furry collar is seen. Her head is turned slightly to the left and her mouth slightly open with her hair flowing in the wind. You can see a subtle hint of her turquoise blue eye shadow too. The third image in the first row shows Sarah in the same cream and brown patterned dress as in the first image, but she is now standing up right with her right hand resting on the back of the caravan. This is a side profile image of Sarah with her hair gently sitting alongside her face clearly showing her gorgeous blue streak. Bright sunshine is reflecting off the caravan and the leaves on the branch of the tree just slightly in front of where Sarah is standing. The first image of the 2nd row shows Sarah in the glamorous purple coat again sitting down in an open space with long grass, with her back leaning against a tree. Both her hands are running through her hair and she has a gorgeous smile on her face. The bright rays of the sunshine are reflecting on Sarah’s face and the blades of long grass all around her. The second image of the 2nd row shows Sarah in the cream and brown patterned dress this time standing up and walking towards the camera with the caravan behind her. Sarah has her hands clasped and is holding a feather which is white, but has a black tip. The wind is blowing Sarah's hair slightly into her face making the blue streak in her hair clearly visible. The 3rd and final image in this row shows Sarah in her purple coat again this time sitting inside the caravan with her head turned slightly to the right gazing out of the window. Her left leg is slightly propped up while her right leg rests on the floor with her hands resting in her lap. On the counter in front of Sarah is the same vintage radio cassette player that was featured on the cover picture. In the last row there are two images the first one features Sarah in her stunning, infamous purple coat. Sarah's head is turned slightly to the left with her mouth slightly open. Her right hand is resting on her fluffy black collar, whilst her fingers touch the base of her hairline. Her blue streak shows a bit more clearly on the left-hand side of her head. The background of this image is a hazy effect which gives this picture of Sarah a beautiful glow. The final image is of Sarah in her cream and brown patterned dress sitting in the doorway of the caravan again. The photographer has captured a beautiful image as there are blurred out leaves in front of the actual picture of Sarah whilst she is leaning backwards with her head resting against the doorway and her left hand resting in her lap with her left leg stretched out in front of her and her right leg slightly bent.)

Sarah's Chronicles #26

Promo photoshoot in Edinburgh 2018 for my EP “God has a video recorder” PART #2

I always felt that speaking out about things whilst I was really hurt and really angry was not the right thing to do as there is enough negative energy going around the world at the moment. I’m in a place now however, where I’m at peace with everything and have forgiven it all and myself. In the words of Chumbawumba “I get knocked down, but I get up again.” No matter how much I’ve been betrayed, deceived, scapegoated, marginalised, discriminated against, stolen from, blamed for other’s own shortcomings because they are too afraid to face their truth AND of course-my own self sabotaging behaviour, reactions and actions.

The lessons I’ve learned from the dark night of the soul have taught me so much and I’m eternally thankful. I always think of those who have come through so much as inspiration. Heck, if the likes of Tina Turner, Jesus, MLK, Marley, Nelson and many more can do it, we all can right?

🦇 Audio: In these pictures we see Sarah in black leather trousers and a black top with a leather neck and leather buckles over her right shoulder. She's standing in a power pose with hands on her hip looking fierce. She has shoulder length hair to her chin with red streaks and is wearing a pair of white sunglasses.

In the next image we see Sarah with her hand on hip wearing a long fitted top over her jeans. She's got Mary Quant style red sunglasses on and is smiling whilst looking towards the sun.

In the next image Sarah is wearing a black lace high neck top. She has chin length black hair with bursts of red streaks. She is surrounded by trees and has a smile on her face whilst looking quite serene.

In the next image we see Sarah sitting on a doorstep in front of a big Georgian door in her leather trousers. She's looking to one side with her head in her hand and arm on her knee and she's smiling.



26th January 2021

Sarah's Chronicles #25

Promo photoshoot in Edinburgh, 2018 for my EP “God has a video recorder” PART #1

My dark night of the soul…

Ever felt like you get up after being hit by a steam roller, then another one comes along?

This period lasted several years, and I feel extremely disappointed by the things I have witnessed, including people who aren’t mindful of the effect their words and actions have on other people and their lives and also companies who don’t really seem to care if you live or die. (Either physically or mentally).

Didn’t think I’d get through this one… With allies who do care, do see, and who do empathize and my own forgiveness (of my own actions as well as others), I came out of the other end alive.

Reflections is part of the “God has a video recorder“EP

(🦇Audio : The first image in this series is a picture of a diary with lined paper and the word 'Human' written on the page in black pen. Along the top of the book and bunched in the top right hand corner of the picture are fairy lights giving a warm glow to the image.

In the next image we see Sarah sitting on a window sill in front of a lovely stained glass window on with her legs stretched out. Her left leg is leaning on the window sill slightly bent whilst her right leg is positioned above her left leg also slightly bent with her heeled boot securely placed on the wall. Sarah is wearing leather trousers and a black top with a leather neck and leather buckles over her right shoulder. She has a bunch of bangles on her left wrist which is leaning on her left left whilst her right arm is leaning on her right leg with her right hand clasped over her left hand. Sarah is leaning her head against the other side of the window sill wall and is deep in thought staring into the distance.

In the next few images Sarah is standing on a wooden bridge in different poses, one is a black and white picture and the others Sarah has red lipstick, a red bracelet and red sunglasses. All images show Sarah with her head cocked down and eyes closed just enjoying the moment.)

                      22nd January 2021

Sarah's Chronicles #24

This gig in Leeds was one of my most memorable because it was so special. Some friends hosted a fundraising gig at their wonderful hairdressing salon to raise money for the juvenile diabetes research foundation (JDRF) and MS society to charities close to our hearts. I had some amazing musicians play with me for this gig, including Harry Hamer (Chumbawamba), Nikki Allen, and Nightmares on Wax also did a set.

We had the whole hairdressers rocking!

Raised some amazing funds and had a fantastic time. The Yorkshire Evening Post had a piece on it. Good memories of Leeds

🦇Audio: This image shows a Thank You to Sarah awarded for being the top fundraiser of the year for her outstanding contribution to the 'Hydro Active Challenge for Women 2005'. The next image gives the details of the gig performed at a hairdressing salon.


15th January 2021

Sarah’s Chronicles #23⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
My debut album
[Something I Couldn't Say...]

My debut album ‘Something I Couldn’t Say...’ self-released digitally and internationally, then Ltd edition CD on...recorded at Riverside Studios, Glasgow ‘the old-fashioned way.’ Mostly live musicians and artists in their own right brought my songs and part of my historical journey to life. ⠀

It took roughly 2 years to make from start to finish, every note, every sound, all the artwork, all self-funded, many hours and train journeys to the studio and a lot of tottis and vegetables!
I feel proud I gave my heart and soul to this to leave the earth when I leave the planet. And to give it to you ❤️

🦇Audio: In these pictures it shows Sarah's debut album. In the first image is her album cover labelled Sarah's Chronicles written in bold white writing on a blush pink background. Underneath this is the album cover which shows a pleated lamp shame with a round mirror lamp stand resting on a wooden table which is next to a wooden chair and the writing Sarah Caltieri 'Something I Couldn’t Say...’. The' I' in Caltieri is dotted with a heart instead of a dot. At the bottom underneath the CD cover is written My debut album ‘Something I Couldn’t Say...’

The second image shows the CD cover opened with a gold, white and black butterfly on the left-hand side and the actual CD on the right-hand side.

The next two images show the CD booklet showing names of songs and writing underneath.


8th January 2021 

No More Tears Promo Shoot

These images show Sarah sitting down performing she is in two different outfits but her face has been made up the same in each image. The first top left hand image is of Sarah's cover picture and is written Sarah Caltieri and underneath the title No More Tears. Sarah is wearing a beautiful purple buttoned coat with a fluffy black thick collar. In all the images Sarah’s hair is dark brown in colour and is sits just below her ears. It is styled in a large quiff, held together with clips on the sides. Sarah's makeup is done superbly! She has part of a purple star covering her right eye with a small Purple Heart just under her left eye. She is wearing red hot lips to match her stunning purple glitter eye makeup. The two images to the right of the first one shows Sarah in a fiery red blazer jacket sitting down holding her guitar while singing into a microphone. She has an a sparkly chunky necklace that contrasts well with her stylish suite jacket. The fourth image across show Sarah in the same fiery red jacket as the images before but now we see her black leather trousers while she is sitting cross legged playing her guitar. Sarah has on some stunning, glitzy stilettos. In this same image we see a few of the other band members, a guy playing the guitar and a lady playing the keyboard. They are both dressed in black. Next image below we see Sarah in the same seated position but from a different angle. The first of the last three images we see Sarah back in hey purple coat this time smiling whilst talking into the microphone. The next image shows Sarah in her seated position in her red suit jacket and the other image she is standing in the same outfit whilst still singing into the microphone.

Sarah’s Chronicles #22⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
"Full Circle" by Kobus Moolman, Oval House Theatre, London

I was invited to play this role of a visionary during the life and times of the apartheid. I felt honoured to serve this script and play the leading role (originally played by an award-winning South African actress). ⠀
I ended up having to strangle my uncle with a net curtain in the buff! (Was for the artistic purpose of the script). it was great fun although a harrowing story."⠀


(🦇Audio : These images show a poster ad for a play that Sarah starred in.
In the first image we see a man looking through binoculars and Full Circle by Kobus Moolman is written at the top in bold yellow writing. At the bottom, underneath the image also in yellow writing is the date the play runs from and until (31 Oct-18 Nov 2006) the place where it will show (Oval House Theatre), the box office number and the Web address ( the right of this in a circle written in white is Arts Council England. This part of Sarah's Chronicles.
In the second image is a full description of what Full Circle is about.)


11th December 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Sarah’s Chronicles #21

[Beltane Fire Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland]⠀

“Rising Out Of The Ashes”⠀

I have my own rituals for keeping fear at bay...including breaking my own boundaries and setting myself challenges. ⠀

After a particularly challenging period a few years ago, I was invited to take part in one of the biggest fire festivals in the world. I was told by a non-believer “this is not suitable for someone like you at all” (something I have endured continuously over the years by strangers whom don’t know me). My response? (Bearing in mind I’m grateful for people who tell me “can’t” as I’ll go out and do it anyway and more) “You’ll believe in me soon.”⠀

With a great creative team, I marched proudly with the Beltane procession on top of Calton Hill, Edinburgh and was privileged to dance on top of The historical Monument underneath huge burning sculptures in front of 10,000 people. Whilst we enjoyed celebrations and dancing on the hill afterwards, I was approached by the person who doubted my abilities and he apologised. I hugged him and said “thank you, it’s ok. I forgive you.”The power of words spoken by one person can be so mentally bruising, or so healing and uplifting.

This was one of the most special nights of my life, for many reasons.

(🦇Audio : The images for this Chronicle are for the Beltane fire festival in Edinburgh. The first image shows a picture of two trees. One is a green tree in the form of a male with leaves coming out of his head with what looks like the sun appearing from his back. The other tree, which is in the form of a female is white with branches coming out of her head with pale pink flowers on them. There is a white moon appearing on the back of the female tree. These two trees are hugging with their roots showing at the bottom. Underneath this image of the two trees is some typed out text in white font with the date and times and ticket availability of the festival. To the right of this image, in light yellow font is typed Sarah's Chronicles at the top and at the bottom is Edinburgh, Scotland Beltane Fire Festival. On all of these images is a background print with abstract art on it in a light maroon colour.
The second image is of the fire festival where there are some people playing drums attached to their waists wearing black tee shirts whilst other people are dancing with fire and some have branches of leaves attached to their backs. This is all taking place in front of what looks like a small replica of the Colosseum. This image has Edinburgh, Scotland Beltane Fire Festival typed underneath it.
The 3rd and final image is of the small replica of the Colosseum with people standing posing for a picture the Sky is blue with very low lying clouds in the distance. There is a photographer capturing the moment. Again the image has Edinburgh, Scotland Beltane Fire Festival typed underneath it.)


20th November 2020

Sarah’s Chronicles #20⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

[A family affair, Seven Arts, Leeds]

This was quite a special gig last year.

I dedicated it to a family friend who passed away from cancer, and we raised money for the amazing St Gemma’s hospice. I also had a band made up of friends who played with me.

The energy in the room was unbelievable, and so many friends and family were there singing along with us in Chapel Allerton. Leeds is where I grew up and hadn’t been back for some time.

An audience member jumped on stage to sing a bit of Sam Cook’s “Bring it on Home” which has never happened before!;) and St Gemma’s gave a beautiful talk.

(🦇Audio :This image is off a video clip from a special gig For Christmas. The picture shows a stage where a lady is playing the piano whilst wearing reindeer antlers on her head. The piano is decorated with beautiful glowing fairy lights. There is a gentleman playing the guitar wearing a pair of suit pants, a red tie, white shirt and a black leather jacket. There is another lady with a Santa hat on and a velvety purple suit on who is singing. Sarah is standing next to thi lady also singing she has on a grey poofy Milan skirt with what looks like a silver waistband and she is wearing an Alice band with snowflakes on as antennas on her head and she has a pair of fairy wings attached to her like she's just about to take off from the stage. She is wearing black, low heel stiletto type boots. There is a man on the left of Sarah wearing sunglasses whilst standing in front of a keyboard and is playing the saxophone. They are in mid-song Merry Christmas Everybody and looked like they're having a whale of a time.)



13th November 2020

Sarah’s Chronicles #19⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

['Open Your Eyes' campaign with RNIB, Diabetes UK, Specsavers]⠀

It was quite a sight (excuse the pun) to take a whole room of MP’s and journalists on a journey with me while I told my story in Westminster. I asked everyone to close their eyes and feel it with me.⠀

I think it worked! Myself, Sir Steve Redgrave, and Jimmy Tarbuck were all helping RNIB, Diabetes UK and Specsavers in a campaign to have eye equipment placed into all hospitals across the UK specifically to screen all diabetics for early signs of retinopathy and prevent sight loss. The campaign was a success!! Amazing what can happen when we all come together. ⠀

P.S. when I was portrayed as 'ill' and 'tragic’ by some media, it is misleading coverage not to portray the truth of the full story. The gifts and wisdom I gained after losing my sight are precious. Thanks for considering people’s mental health before writing about them.⠀


(Bat Audio: These are a series of five images. The first one on a background of newspaper cuttings is a piece of white paper with the words Sarah's Chronicles in white font on a black, coloured in background and in black font and inverted commas ‘Open Your Eyes’ Campaign closed inverted commas campaign. The next image shows a black and white newspaper cut out with the heading Sarah banishes fears to realise her dream and you can see a picture of Sarah with her hands under her chin and smiling with the subheading blind woman on stage in lead role. The next image shows a similar picture as the one before but this time it's in colour and the heading on the picture is Sarah’s mission to save the sight of others. Underneath this is the article. The next image shows a poster for RNIB on a dark pink background in the top left-hand corner are the letters in capitals NB the sight loss and eye health magazine. Just underneath this is typed diabetes and eyes and just to the right of are the headlines of some of the stories in the magazine. There is an image of a group of people on the front cover of the magazine two gentlemen and three ladies one of which is Sarah. There are two white placards one above their heads typed in dark blue font Don't shut your eyes to Diabetes and the other reads Focus on eyes to prevent blindness. The next image is from the magazine and the heading reads in red font Sarah's Story and underneath this is the article in the magazine. There is an image of Sarah on the beach when she was younger holding a huge orange and white beach ball. The next image shows the continuation of the article Sarah's Story and there are three images of when Sarah was younger. The first one is of her is in front of a bookshelf playing a guitar the second one shows her holding a blue and white insulin pump whilst sitting on the couch and the final image shows her acting. The last image in the series of these images from the magazine article shows Sarah leaning forward smelling some pretty pink flowers with her hair flowing down the side of her face her eyes closed and looking very peaceful whilst smiling.)


6th November 2020

Sarah’s Chronicles #18

[The Caltieri Fright Night : Halloween]⠀

This time 4 years ago, we were preparing to “bust some ghosts” out of Edinburgh at The Caltieri Fright Night.  We had rock band DMS supporting.  (John, you can ALWAYS use my vocal mic).⠀

The keyboard playing witch (Ms. Sally Clay) and black cat violinist (Ms. Seonaid Aitken) both played on Single Higher Than Before.  Pretty surreal singing with Dracula behind me on base. Was wondering if he likes the blood of ghost pirates all the way through the gig! 🙏🏻


(🦇Audio : Sarah is wearing long plaits with a headscarf on top. She has pale face make up on, black heart-shaped eyepatch painted on, black lips, and black eye make up. She has a fitted, waist-length jacket over white large cuffed, frilly sleeves, red basque underneath, black silk jagged hemmed rah skirt, black fishnet tights, and black knee-length heeled boots on. The rest of the band consists of a black cat on violin, a witch on the keyboard, Drax on base, a gorilla drummer, a warlock guitarist, and a female ghost backing singer.)


30th October 2020


Sarah’s Chronicles #17

[Higher Than Before]⠀

Channel 4 Documentary "Picking Up The Pieces"⠀⠀

“Higher than before“ was first aired at the end of the documentary, "Picking Up The Pieces" on Channel 4, BAFTA award-winning Cutting Edge series. 

They filmed me undergoing eye operations, doing stage plays, and recording singles for a year. The team was so amazing and we got on so well that they put it on the end credits as a surprise for me!! it ended up being the peak of the week in all major TV magazines and newspapers with over 1 million views.

I chose to do the documentary as I wanted to raise awareness of the seriousness of type one diabetes, but also highlight that we can achieve anything if we have the spirit, desire, and passion. 

It’s been a hard road and I won’t lie, but so much love and support from you all has kept me going.💋💃🏾🥰🌹⠀

23rd October 2020


Something I Couldn't Say Promoshoot - Scotland 2016-2018

(Bat audio: These are a mixture of images from the promo of Something I Couldn't Say which took place in Scotland between 2016-2018. The first image shows four musicians all dressed in Halloween outfits standing in front of a red wall and door. The first lady is Sarah who is in a pirate's outfit which is velvety black with 3 gold lines across the front separated by a red tied corset in front. The tip of her white sleeve is showing. Sarah has on a golden plaited wig and is wearing a black heart shaped eye patch. The lady next to Sarah is in a witch’s outfit. She has on a black witch’s hat and a green long sleeve flowing patterned dress with drapes of grey netting attached to it. The next halloween outfit that we see is a lady wearing a white long sleeve dress with a black netted skirt over the bottom half of the dress. She is wearing a curly white wig which looks like a judge's wig and has on a white painted face with pink eye shadow around her eyes and some red lipstick coming off the side of her lip. The final halloween outfit is worn by a very talented violinist. She is wearing a leopard print thigh lengthened dress with a black mid-riff cardigan. She has on black cat ears, a black choker and has whiskers drawn on her face. The image next to this one is of Sarah sitting on a stool on stage whilst playing her guitar in her pirate's outfit. The images below the first 2 shows all the equipment on stage. It shows an overall view of an amp, 3 microphone stands, a drum kit and a guitar. The image next to this one shows Sarah in a different outfit in what looks like a white long sleeve top with a woman's image on the front and a heart with the word love written in it. Sarah is wearing a glittery eye-patch on her right eye and is singing into a microphone. There is a smoky mist with purple lighting behind Sarah. The next image below the top two shows Sarah back in her pirate's outfit but this time trying to pull a scary face with her mouth open. She is standing in front of the red door again, but this time next to a man dressed as count Dracula with a red, velvet waistcoat, black tied ribbon tied in a half bow and a Dracula cape. He has a white powdered face and red line replicating blood dripping from the side of his mouth. The next image shows the full band on stage with the Ghostbusters image on the projector. All the artists are playing their respective instruments. The lady in leopard print is playing her violin, a guy dressed as the grim reaper is playing a guitar, a man dressed as a gorilla is playing the drums, the lady in the white wig is standing next to one of the microphones and Sarah is in her pirate’s outfit whilst holding her guitar in her left hand and the microphone in her right whilst singing.)

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