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Sarah Caltieri eyepatch

Sarah is a multi-award winning singer song writer, actor, philanthropist and activist


Sarah’s story of triumphing over her fears and rebuilding her life as an independent woman and artist first hit our screens in 2004 on Channel 4’s BAFTA  award winning “Cutting Edge” series “Picking Up The Pieces”, which became pick of the week in all media publications across the UK. Sarah lost most of her vision as a result of a Type 1 diabetic eating disorder which she had developed in her late teens. She saw it, however, as "gaining new vision" and found it an enlightening experience and went on to win multiple awards for her performance work and achievements. TV appearances include singing on GMTV's Lorraine and Scotland’s STV Live at Five as well as local news channels and the national chat show “Doctor Doctor”.


After playing several leading roles in stage performance, fronting five bands, and releasing two collaborative Electronica EPS, Sarah co-produced and co-wrote her debut album “Something I Couldn’t Say” with the triple platinum award-winning producer Duncan Cameron in 2015. It was remixed and released in 2017, and her first single “No More Tears” reached Valley FM’s Indie Chart at number 15. Her second single “If I Said” got record of the week on Wolfman Radio and subsequently the album “Something I Couldn’t Say” also got record of the week on Wolfman Radio. Her promotional single “Stranger To Me Now” reached number 5 in the Indie Radio Alliance.


Sarah took a short break from recording music to perform in several shows, one of which was a one-woman show tailored to Sarah’s rock music taste and performed in London, and one she wrote and performed herself, after which she went on to act in her first short film. Whilst recording her third EP with a management company in London Soho, Sarah was involved in an accident which resulted in a bad head injury severely affecting her health and ability to perform. During this period Sarah was still recording music and released her 5th single “Higher Than Before” in 2020 to try and raise the spirits of people and bring some hope. This was the song featured at the end of her documentary about rebuilding one’s life after devastation. Subsequently “Something I Couldn’t Say” was re-released digitally in January 2021 followed by the single “Reflections” in April 2021. During lockdown Sarah co-produced and co-wrote the single “Yesterdays” with Simon Bradshaw who recently had a song on Chart topping SHINee’s album Don’t call me.


Sarah is currently recording new material to release later this year. Other activities in her busy career include advocacy work for JDRF who made her an ambassador for their national campaigns, and being involved in a national Parliamentary Campaign with Sir Steve Redgrave for Diabetes UK in Westminster where Sarah gave a talk in Parliament about her own experience. The campaign was successful and resulted in eye screening equipment to prevent sight-loss being placed in all diabetic clinics in the UK. Sarah has also orchestrated a campaign in Holyrood Parliament with MSP Dennis Robertson and Jaqueline Allen from the charity DWED to raise awareness of the serious type 1 diabetic eating disorder EDMT1. Her song collaboration “The Road” was played in Parliament as part of the campaign and subsequently released. As well as having songs streamed on over 200 independent and FM radio stations internationally, Sarah has also written the theme tune “Have a Cuppa Tea” for RNIB Scotland podcast series “Seeing Our History”. Other acting work includes a cameo role in the TV series “Derek” by Ricky Gervais, and playing herself and helping to write an award-winning  on-line advert for “Dove”.


Sarah’s new single “Before The Sun Goes Down”, (Co writer on SHINee’s chart topping ‘Don’t Call Me’) was released digitally April 2022.

Sarah Caltieri with eyepatch

Magazine & Newspaper Articles 2003 - 2020

Magazine & Newspaper Extracts 2003 - 2020

If I Said Photoshoot  - July 2017

(Bat audio: These are images of Sarah's promo photoshoot for If I Said. There are 8 pictures altogether with 3 rows of images. 

The image in the first row is a picture of the cover of the single If I Said on a vintage style background where Sarah is sitting in the doorway of a caravan leaning forward with her left hand resting on her right elbow. Sarah is looking very happy and excited. Her hair sits just below her ears and is dark brown in colour with a few striking blue streaks. She is wearing a printed cream dress with different shades of brown circular and blocked lined shapes on it. She has turquoise blue tights on with brown studded boots. Sarah is wearing what looks like a round wooden ring on the middle finger of her right hand. On her left wrist she is wearing a brown shell-like bangle. To the left of the caravan entrance on the ground is a vintage style radio cassette player. On the caravan is written the title If I Said and further down Sarah Caltieri. The second image of the first row is a headshot of Sarah where just her left shoulder of her purple coat with a cozy, black furry collar is seen. Her head is turned slightly to the left and her mouth slightly open with her hair flowing in the wind. You can see a subtle hint of her turquoise blue eye shadow too. The third image in the first row shows Sarah in the same cream and brown patterned dress as in the first image, but she is now standing up right with her right hand resting on the back of the caravan. This is a side profile image of Sarah with her hair gently sitting alongside her face clearly showing her gorgeous blue streak. Bright sunshine is reflecting off the caravan and the leaves on the branch of the tree just slightly in front of where Sarah is standing. The first image of the 2nd row shows Sarah in the glamorous purple coat again sitting down in an open space with long grass, with her back leaning against a tree. Both her hands are running through her hair and she has a gorgeous smile on her face. The bright rays of the sunshine are reflecting on Sarah’s face and the blades of long grass all around her. The second image of the 2nd row shows Sarah in the cream and brown patterned dress this time standing up and walking towards the camera with the caravan behind her. Sarah has her hands clasped and is holding a feather which is white, but has a black tip. The wind is blowing Sarah's hair slightly into her face making the blue streak in her hair clearly visible. The 3rd and final image in this row shows Sarah in her purple coat again this time sitting inside the caravan with her head turned slightly to the right gazing out of the window. Her left leg is slightly propped up while her right leg rests on the floor with her hands resting in her lap. On the counter in front of Sarah is the same vintage radio cassette player that was featured on the cover picture. In the last row there are two images the first one features Sarah in her stunning, infamous purple coat. Sarah's head is turned slightly to the left with her mouth slightly open. Her right hand is resting on her fluffy black collar, whilst her fingers touch the base of her hairline. Her blue streak shows a bit more clearly on the left-hand side of her head. The background of this image is a hazy effect which gives this picture of Sarah a beautiful glow. The final image is of Sarah in her cream and brown patterned dress sitting in the doorway of the caravan again. The photographer has captured a beautiful image as there are blurred out leaves in front of the actual picture of Sarah whilst she is leaning backwards with her head resting against the doorway and her left hand resting in her lap with her left leg stretched out in front of her and her right leg slightly bent.)

No More Tears Promo Shoot