Originally The Lips went out via social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook for companies that went the extra mile to adapt their online services, however, it has since evolved, as i found over time that if a company could not make things adaptable for software, but offered an alternative solution to get from A to B, I felt it was only fair to send the lips to them too. 

Join Up Dots Podcast

Awarded to Join Up Dots Podcast

Kristina's Nail Bar

Awarded to Kristina's Nail Bar

The B.M.E

Awarded to The B.M.E


Awarded to AWAL.com

MJP Guitar Tuition

The Lips are awarded to Mike Pearson for making MJP Guitar Tuition website accessible for blind and partially sighted people enabling them to have an equal platform.

Richard Branson

Virgin Money

Awarded to Richard Branson and Virgin Money

Music Week Magazine

Uni Storage Box


Musicians Union

Richard Branson

Virgin Trains

Awarded to Richard Branson and Virgin Trains

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