Sarah's Chronicles 

Sarah’sChronicles #29
#MeToo movement


Theatre 503 wanted to take a stance and make voices heard the #metoo movement and commissioned 10 writers to write short plays in response. I performed in two of the plays ("To Be My Eyes" and "Words" by April de Angelis directed by Lisa Spirling). "To Be My Eyes" (written by Amy Bethan Evans, directed by Ailin Conant) was the precursor to Tinted, a one woman show, (Amy wrote in some of my favourite Rockstar's songs into the piece for me to sing in this show )!

It was an honour to give voice to these plays and be part of this response as I myself have been subjected to persons abusing their power on multiple occasions (especially within the entertainment industry) during my work and, unfortunately, in my own personal life. (I forgive you).

(Bat audio: The first image shows "Sarah's Chronicles" in bold blue font on the left side with a double line on the top and bottom of the text. This sits next to a gallery of thumbnail images of all the 10 authors who wrote the plays for The Words Are Coming Now theatrical performance which took place at Theatre 503 in London.
The second image shows the same Sarah's Chronicles font on the left-hand side and next to this is a screenshot of a newspaper extract from the Guardian newspaper of a lady in a dark blue patterned top sitting on a chair against a red background. Underneath this image is a short summary of what the play is about and the location - Theatre 503.)


                                                                                                                                                                                       26th February 2021

Sarah’s Chronicles #28
Auction of Promises Dinner London - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

I'm very passionate about finding the cure for type one diabetes as it affects so many thousands of people across the globe and I feel so honoured to be able to use my singing and have used my music to help to do this.

As a supporter of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, I've been involved in numerous fund-raising events, however ... I was never “auctioned off” until this dinner!! After I performed the set, unbeknown to me that it was going to happen, I was then auctioned off! (This involved people bidding on me and paying a price for me to sing another song.) The money was then donated to JDRF. Pleased to say my rendition of Erma Franklin’s “Piece Of My Heart” earned £500!

(Bat Audio: The first image is of Sarah in full pelt(she must have been singing a top hit!) her right hand holding the microphone on a stand and her left arm resting comfortably on her left hand side. She has shoulder lengthened brown hair and is wearing a black and white zebra print dress with black tights. She's standing in front of a fireplace with what looks like a white speaker nestled in front of the fireplace.Resting on top of this is a small flower pot. Above the fireplace is a picture of red flowers in a field in a gold frame. The next image is of a poster promoting the Auction of Promises Dinner with a gavel on it with the initials JDRF next to it, the gavel is hitting a plate with a needle on it. Both of these images are on a background with what looks like an old receipt in the bottom right-hand side and an old ticked off list in the top right-hand corner. Sarah's Chronicles is typed in big bold text in the left-hand corner.)

                                                                                                                                                                                   19 February 2021

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