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(Bat Audio: This is a photoshoot done for Sarah's single Yesterdays. In all images Sarah's makeup is the same with full, fluttery, very curly eyelashes, well shaped eyebrows, blue/purple eyeshadow on her left eye with a butterfly wing over her eye outlined with silver diamantes. Her left eyelid has gold, glittery eyeshadow on it. Sarah's hair is swooped up into a high quiff giving off a sophisticated, pop/rock chick look.We see Sarah in 3 outfit changes - a red leather jacket with black leather shorts and black fishnets, a purple leather jacket and black leather shorts with a vest and a black silk poncho like garment over it with black fishnets.)

If I Said Photoshoot  - July 2017

(Bat audio: In these 6 images Sarah is looking very stylish whilst wearing a sexy black plunge-neck suit, some with a cowboy style black hat on and some with a red heart-shaped eye patch on. She is in various poses in all the images.)

(Bat audio: This is a photoshoot taken from a streamed Christmas concert. Sarah has blonde shoulder-length hair with red streaks and red hot lipstick and she is wearing several different outfits. One includes a gold, glitterty figure hugging long dress which she looks very stylish in. Another outfit Sarah has on is a pilot's jacket and hat with a white buttoned top. The other outfit is a sexy, plunged-neck black suit, in one image she is wearing a red heart-shaped eyepatch on and in the other a glitzy, jewelled butterfly eyepatch on. She looks stunning in all outfits!)

-December 2020

(Bat audio: This photoshoot was taken in Amsterdam and in some of the images we can see gorgeous lighting in the background along the canal and from the quaint buildings lining the cobbled streets. In some images Sarah is wearing a long velvet purple coat with sunglasses on and others Sarah is wearing a fiery red, silky basque looking very sultry and sexy 😉.)

-October 2019

© Jörg Meier

(Bat audio: These photographs were taken by Jörg Meier (original Reflections photoshoot – 2019). Sarah has vibrant pink shoulder length hair in a black plunge neck suit jacket and hot red lips. In the 1st and 3rd images Sarah is standing in front of trees, one has green leaves broken by pinky/orange leaves stretched out on a branch and the other image has a tree which has yellow leaves on its branches framing Sarah's face like a portrait. The middle image shows Sarah standing in front of a window with heavy condensation on it and you can just see her bright pink hair, red lips and diamante black eyepatch through the tiny droplets. She looks deep in thought.)

(Bat audio: These photographs are from a promo shoot in Edinburgh in 2018  - "God has a video recorder" EP. The first row of images are black and white pictures of Sarah. Sarah is wearing  two different outfits all in different standing and seated positions. One outfit is a black, netted button top with black trousers and in two images she is wearing bright red sunglasses. The other outfit she is in black leather trousers and a black v-neck peplum top with buckles on her left shoulder.) - 2018

(Bat audio: These photographs are from the If I Said photoshoot in 2017. This was set in a huge field with an old abandoned caravan which Sarah is seen sitting in and leaning against. Sarah is in 2 different outfits in this photoshoot. One is a printed cream dress with different shades of brown circular and blocked lined shapes on it. The other is a gorgeous purple coat with furry black collar.) - 2017

(Bat audio: These photographs are from the promo shoot for No More Tears. Sarah is wearing two different outfits. One is a beautiful purple buttoned coat with a fluffy black thick collar. In all the images Sarah’s hair is dark brown in colour and is sits just below her ears. It is styled in a large quiff, held together with clips on the sides. Sarah's makeup is done superbly! She has part of a purple star covering her right eye with a small purple heart just under her left eye. In the other images Sarah in a fiery red blazer jacket with a chunky, glitzy necklace.) - 2016