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Sarah's Chronicles #34 - Letter from the Queen

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Loved glamour even as a small child and think my love of hats came from my grandma who had all these amazing hats that I thought were from the Queen. I used to parade around when I was about 5 in silver platforms and Queen’s hats pretending that I was the Queen. I felt so grateful that I was inspired to make her a Christmas tree decoration which I did (it was a crown with tissue paper and sparkly things on it) addressed only to “The Queen, Buckingham Palace, London” and to my surprise I received a letter back thanking me for it within a few weeks. I ,of course, kept it…

Bat audio> This is a letter which has a red Royal Coat of Arms stamp on it with Buckingham Palace in red font underneath this right at the top of the letter. It has the date of the 29th of December 1989 and is addressed to Sarah. The font on the letter is old fashioned typewriter text and thanks Sarah for her lovely decoration and sent good wishes from the Queen for Christmas and the New Year. It is signed off from ‘Lady-in-waiting’.

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