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Chronicle #39 – Tiger Moth

This is the Tiger Moth flown in the film The Mummy. I ended up in it! I also ended up flying it! It was an old friend’s plane, and I was lucky enough to get a chance to conquer my fear of heights and flying (which I’m pretty sure was caused by surviving falling off a cliff in Spain as a child). Of course, there was a front pilot, but it was the most unbelievable feeling taking control of a small aircraft thousands of feet up in the air. It was so silent up there, and everything looked like a patchwork quilt down below, it was unbelievable. Dame Vera Lynn and a few other celebrities have also been on this plane, and her signature is on the side of it.

Unfortunately, I lost the photograph!

Plane view 1 This is at sunset and is showing the sun's reflection on the wing of the biplane overlooking what looks like a strip of land and a few green patches of grass below.

Plane view 2 You can see a glimpse of the speedometer and the side of the biplane with a few clouds in the sky with cracks of blue sky between the clouds.

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