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Sarah's Chronicles #25 - Promo photoshoot in Edinburgh, 2018 for my EP “God has a video reco

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

My dark night of the soul… Ever felt like you get up after being hit by a steam roller, then another one comes along?

This period lasted several years, and I feel extremely disappointed by the things I have witnessed, including people who aren’t mindful of the effect their words and actions have on other people and their lives and also companies who don’t really seem to care if you live or die. (Either physically or mentally).

Didn’t think I’d get through this one… With allies who do care, do see, and who do empathize and my own forgiveness (of my own actions as well as others), I came out of the other end alive.

Reflections is part of the “God has a video recorder“EP #SarahCaltieri #music #Godhasavideorecorder #sarahschronicles #edinburgh #photoshoot #bbcintroducing #musicleeds

(Audio : The first image in this series is a picture of a diary with lined paper and the word 'Human' written on the page in black pen. Along the top of the book and bunched in the top right hand corner of the picture are fairy lights giving a warm glow to the image.

In the next image we see Sarah sitting on a window sill in front of a lovely stained glass window on with her legs stretched out. Her left leg is leaning on the window sill slightly bent whilst her right leg is positioned above her left leg also slightly bent with her heeled boot securely placed on the wall. Sarah is wearing leather trousers and a black top with a leather neck and leather buckles over her right shoulder. She has a bunch of bangles on her left wrist which is leaning on her left left whilst her right arm is leaning on her right leg with her right hand clasped over her left hand. Sarah is leaning her head against the other side of the window sill wall and is deep in thought staring into the distance.

In the next few images Sarah is standing on a wooden bridge in different poses, one is a black and white picture and the others Sarah has red lipstick, a red bracelet and red sunglasses. All images show Sarah with her head cocked down and eyes closed just enjoying the moment.

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