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Sarah’s Chronicles #18 - [The Caltieri Fright Night : Halloween]⠀

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

This time 4 years ago, we were preparing to “bust some ghosts” out of Edinburgh at The Caltieri Fright Night. We had rock band DMS supporting. (John, you can ALWAYS use my vocal mic).⠀

The keyboard playing witch (Ms. Sally Clay) and black cat violinist (Ms. Seonaid Aitken) both played on Single Higher Than Before. Pretty surreal singing with Dracula behind me on base. Was wondering if he likes the blood of ghost pirates all the way through the gig!

Audio description: Sarah is wearing long plaits with a headscarf on top. She has pale face make up on, black heart-shaped eyepatch painted on, black lips, and black eye make up. She has a fitted, waist-length jacket over white large cuffed, frilly sleeves, red basque underneath, black silk jagged hemmed rah skirt, black fishnet tights, and black knee-length heeled boots on. The rest of the band consists of a black cat on violin, a witch on the keyboard, Drax on base, a gorilla drummer, a warlock guitarist, and a female ghost backing singer).⠀

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