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Sarah’s Chronicles #29 - Auction of Promises Dinner London - Juvenile Diabetes Resea

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I'm very passionate about finding the cure for type one diabetes as it affects so many thousands of people across the globe and I feel so honoured to be able to use my singing and have used my music to help to do this.

As a supporter of Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, I've been involved in numerous fund-raising events, however ... I was never “auctioned off” until this dinner!! After I performed the set, unbeknown to me that it was going to happen, I was then auctioned off! (This involved people bidding on me and paying a price for me to sing another song.) The money was then donated to JDRF. Pleased to say my rendition of Erma Franklin’s “Piece Of My Heart” earned £500!

(Bat Audio: The first image is of Sarah in full pelt(she must have been singing a top hit!) her right hand holding the microphone on a stand and her left arm resting comfortably on her left hand side. She has shoulder lengthened brown hair and is wearing a black and white zebra print dress with black tights. She's standing in front of a fireplace with what looks like a white speaker nestled in front of the fireplace.Resting on top of this is a small flower pot. Above the fireplace is a picture of red flowers in a field in a gold frame. The next image is of a poster promoting the Auction of Promises Dinner with a gavel on it with the initials JDRF next to it, the gavel is hitting a plate with a needle on it. Both of these images are on a background with what looks like an old receipt in the bottom right-hand side and an old ticked off list in the top right-hand corner. Sarah's Chronicles is typed in big bold text in the left-hand corner.)

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