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Sarah’s Chronicles #19 - ['Open Your Eyes' campaign with RNIB, Diabetes UK, Specsavers]⠀

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

It was quite a sight (excuse the pun) to take a whole room of MP’s and journalists on a journey with me while I told my story in Westminster. I asked everyone to close their eyes and feel it with me.⠀ ⠀ I think it worked! Myself, Sir Steve Redgrave, and Jimmy Tarbuck were all helping RNIB, Diabetes UK and Specsavers in a campaign to have eye equipment placed into all hospitals across the UK specifically to screen all diabetics for early signs of retinopathy and prevent sight loss. The campaign was a success!! Amazing what can happen when we all come together. ⠀ ⠀ P.S. when I was portrayed as 'ill' and 'tragic’ by some media, it is misleading coverage not to portray the truth of the full story. The gifts and wisdom I gained after losing my sight are precious. Thanks for considering people’s mental health before writing about them.⠀ ⠀ #RNIB #DiabetesUK #Specsavers #Westminster#newmusic #HigherThanBefore #sarahcaltieri#sarahschronicles #somethingicouldntsay

(Bat Audio: These are a series of five images. The first one on a background of newspaper cuttings is a piece of white paper with the words Sarah's Chronicles in white font on a black, coloured in background and in black font and inverted commas ‘Open Your Eyes’ Campaign closed inverted commas campaign. The next image shows a black and white newspaper cut out with the heading Sarah banishes fears to realise her dream and you can see a picture of Sarah with her hands under her chin and smiling with the subheading blind woman on stage in lead role. The next image shows a similar picture as the one before but this time it's in colour and the heading on the picture is Sarah’s mission to save the sight of others. Underneath this is the article. The next image shows a poster for RNIB on a dark pink background in the top left-hand corner are the letters in capitals NB the sight loss and eye health magazine. Just underneath this is typed diabetes and eyes and just to the right of are the headlines of some of the stories in the magazine. There is an image of a group of people on the front cover of the magazine two gentlemen and three ladies one of which is Sarah. There are two white placards one above their heads typed in dark blue font Don't shut your eyes to Diabetes and the other reads Focus on eyes to prevent blindness. The next image is from the magazine and the heading reads in red font Sarah's Story and underneath this is the article in the magazine. There is an image of Sarah on the beach when she was younger holding a huge orange and white beach ball. The next image shows the continuation of the article Sarah's Story and there are three images of when Sarah was younger. The first one is of her is in front of a bookshelf playing a guitar the second one shows her holding a blue and white insulin pump whilst sitting on the couch and the final image shows her acting. The last image in the series of these images from the magazine article shows Sarah leaning forward smelling some pretty pink flowers with her hair flowing down the side of her face her eyes closed and looking very peaceful whilst smiling.)

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