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Sarah’s Chronicles #28 - First original pop collaboration - ‘Too Much Traffic’

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Had a look through tons of song sketches and demos since lockdown and found this... ‘Too Much Traffic’ co-written with Joe Kenny, produced by Joe Kenny and Sean Hayward.

I was told I could have an op to try and save some of the sight in my left eye (the 3rd) and after also having thousands of shots of laser surgery too. There was a risk I could lose my remaining vision, though, if it went ahead. Couldn’t make the decision, so I went and co-wrote this song instead and had a brilliant laugh in the studio with the fellas. We never stopped laughing all through the making of this! Then fate did decide for me. I got a cataract on top of the other complications, and they had to operate anyway. I did gain some vision back!

Although never officially released, this was played in a Leeds nightclub with a film crew in tow and featured on a few TV programs.

My voice hasn’t half been on a real rock n' roll journey since then (had just come from stage singing when I recorded this single), yeah!!!