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Days of birth

So March is my birthday month. I like having been sprung in March...don't know why, I just do. Every year i'm alive I feel lucky and grateful. Getting older doesn't bother me as i've never conformed to what society expects me to do or be anyway really...always been open to what ever is best for my own path.

Yes it would be good to stay youthful looking, but after almost dying from diabulimia as a teenager, inside nutrients and well being has always been my first priority. Would I get work done on my vehicle? (Body house), heck yes! (As long as it didn't poison me, the planet or animals en route).

In some non western cultures, people who are older ("elderly") are respected for their wisdom and knowledge and for being on the earth longer. A friend said to me once "imagine if there was no bureaucracy, there wouldn't be any birth certificates haha" :-).

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