• Sarah Caltieri

No More Tears

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Old bedrooms at your parent’s old house… I was at my family home in Leeds sitting in my old bedroom after just seeing my mum in hospital. I looked around at things in drawers and cupboards which had been there for years (I’m guessing that all parents have this with their offspring who left home years ago). I had jumped on the first train back to my hometown from my home in Edinburgh after having just found out that the Ma Caltieri had been rushed into hospital with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (one of the worst kind). One of the rocks in my life was now barely able to move and her chances of survival due to the progression of the cancer were slim. I was beginning to feel like the Caltieris were jinxed…

The Power Of Now I was reading a book called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle during the period of my Mum’s illness. Since my own life changing experience, I’m very much a believer in “The Now.” Still, I couldn’t quite believe that the strong person who had been there through everything with me over the years (hospital trips with my diabetes as a child, operations on my eyes, house moves, auditions and staying in dodgy bnb’s with me, coming to all my gigs and shows, and even being on one with me!), was now incapable of doing anything and may die. I couldn’t accept it.

Baby Bath Just before I’d come back to Leeds to be with her, I’d had a telephone conversation with her whilst she was in hospital. This is how it went: Me - “Mum, you can’t die on me yet, I haven’t finished my album and you have to see it before you die. You can’t die ok?” then burst out crying; Mum Caltieri (Marisa): “I’m not planning on going anywhere, don’t you worry. Come on, stop crying. Look what it says on my baby bath - ‘No More Tears.’ There you go, bugger off and go and write your next song “No More Tears.”