• Sarah Caltieri

No More Tears Goes Global!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Business strife...

So, being an avid fan of Join Up Dots for over a year and hearing so many amazing and successful people’s stories about their lives, work, breaking the mould, helping the world and much more....I contacted David to do one of his courses. Little did I know I’d be ending up on Sermon on the mike! “Something I Couldn’t Say...”

After contacting Join Up Dots to participate in one of their training courses for lone entrepreneurs, the host David Ralph contacted me with a super duper voice email after checking my bumf out online and invited me onto his show! Well, I couldn’t Say....no, especially with a friendly southern voice like that of course! Action Day

So, on the day of August 2nd, 2018, at 8.30am there I sat with my headset on, (first show in my entire life I’ve ever done with no make up and joggers with my coffee in tow) waiting for the call to chat for an hour with David Ralph. After a few technical glitches (wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t any), there we were rocking and rolling and chatting about everything from my journey as an artiste and a human! And what a laugh we had and I hope the audience enjoyed it too. Something I Could Say...

Lots! - And thanks for playing #nomoretears