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Sarah’s Chronicles #26 - Promo photoshoot in Edinburgh 2018 for my EP “God has a video recorder” PAR

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I always felt that speaking out about things whilst I was really hurt and really angry was not the right thing to do as there is enough negative energy going around the world at the moment. I’m in a place now however, where I’m at peace with everything and have forgiven it all and myself. In the words of Chumbawumba “I get knocked down, but I get up again.” No matter how much I’ve been betrayed, deceived, scapegoated, marginalised, discriminated against, stolen from, blamed for other’s own shortcomings because they are too afraid to face their truth AND of course-my own self sabotaging behaviour, reactions and actions.

The lessons I’ve learned from the dark night of the soul have taught me so much and I’m eternally thankful. I always think of those who have come through so much as inspiration. Heck, if the likes of Tina Turner, Jesus, MLK, Marley, Nelson and many more can do it, we all can right?

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( Audio: In these pictures we see Sarah in black leather trousers and a black top with a leather neck and leather buckles over her right shoulder. She's standing in a power pose with hands on her hip looking fierce. She has shoulder length hair to her chin with red streaks and is wearing a pair of white sunglasses.

In the next image we see Sarah with her hand on hip wearing a long fitted top over her jeans. She's got Mary Quant style red sunglasses on and is smiling whilst looking towards the sun.

In the next image Sarah is wearing a black lace high neck top. She has chin length black hair with bursts of red streaks. She is surrounded by trees and has a smile on her face whilst looking quite serene.

In the next image we see Sarah sitting on a doorstep in front of a big Georgian door in her leather trousers. She's looking to one side with her head in her hand and arm on her knee and she's smilin

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