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Sarah Chronicles #41- UFOs do I believe in them? Well of course I do!

Updated: Jan 27

I kind of feel like we come from aliens rather than apes…

I just feel it would explain everyone’s different body types, colours, eye shapes, heights…

Also though I have actually seen three with my own eyes (when I had them).

The first one was when I was roughly about 12 or 13, we lived opposite a park and there

was a group of us who used to meet up and just hang out in the park, it was brilliant. There

were tennis courts, play area, gardens, and a bowling green. Pretty synchronistical my friend

and I were talking about UFOs and how we believed in them, very strangely about 10

minutes later one appeared in the sky! It looked like an oblong shape, long and thin tilted to

the side with all these red flashing lights going up and down it. It didn’t have any wings or

anything, it was just this silent oblong shape gliding through the sky – we could not believe

it. We were so excited about it! And as soon as we saw it, it vanished. We couldn’t speak for

ages as we were so stunned that we had just been talking about it and then one appeared.

The second one I saw was when I was on a mass holiday to San Antonio Bay in Ibiza. One

day my friends and I were coming back from the beach, and we happened to see lots of

people looking up to the sky outside our hotel (who were sitting outside various cafes and

bars) when we looked up to see what they were all staring at, there was a silver oblong kind

of like a fat cigar shaped object with rounded ends just suspended in the air! We were

utterly gobsmacked it was just suspended in mid-air, it wasn’t moving or swaying around in

the breeze it was just suspended. There was no sound to it, no engine no propellers nothing.

The object just stayed there for hours and hours, so many of us in the hotel decided that we

would not go out that night and we just got drinks and snacks and sat on our balconies for

the full evening and sat watching this object, which was amazing, but it was a little scary

because we felt like it was watching us, observing us probably thinking “what is this human

species doing?”

Then roughly around 7 to.8 hours later after it had got dark (by which time it look like a

really shiny light suspended in the air) it just took off, it kind of made this slight noise and

then just backed off as if they were leaving the earth and we saw it eventually disappear

right into the sky and span off as quickly as possible as it turned orange really quickly like a

shooting star it was so outstanding. After a bit of research, it seems that San Antonio Bay is

a little bit of a UFO hotspot.

The third one I saw was only about 3 or 4 years ago in Scotland. I was taking some artist

shots in my friend’s house as they have beautiful sash windows, and I was just getting

artwork ideas and taking photographs of me looking out of the window. When I looked at

the photos, there was a disk-shaped object in the sky just outside the window. And I flicked

through the pictures the object zig zagged up and down. I could not believe it!!

Again however, after some research it seems that Scotland is also a bit of a hot spot, and I

actually blew the pictures up to get a witness so they could see it, it was outstanding as

there was nothing there in the sky but in the photos, it just appeared out of nowhere.

I feel like it would be quite arrogant to think that we were the only species in the entire

universe, I always used to lie on the grass and look out at the stars when I was small and

wondered what else was out there with us in this vast space. Who knows maybe I am an


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