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Sarah’s Chronicles #17 - [Higher Than Before]⠀Channel 4 Documentary "Picking Up The Pieces"

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

T“Higher than before“ was first aired at the end of the documentary, "Picking Up The Pieces" on Channel 4, BAFTA award-winning Cutting Edge series.

They filmed me undergoing eye operations, doing stage plays, and recording singles for a year. The team was so amazing and we got on so well that they put it on the end credits as a surprise for me!! it ended up being the peak of the week in all major TV magazines and newspapers with over 1 million views.

I chose to do the documentary as I wanted to raise awareness of the seriousness of type one diabetes, but also highlight that we can achieve anything if we have the spirit, desire, and passion.

It’s been a hard road and I won’t lie, but so much love and support from you all has kept me going.⠀

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