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Sarah’s Chronicles #20 - [A family affair, Seven Arts, Leeds]

This was quite a special gig last year. I dedicated it to a family friend who passed away from cancer, and we raised money for the amazing St Gemma’s hospice. I also had a band made up of friends who played with me.

The energy in the room was unbelievable, and so many friends and family were there singing along with us in Chapel Allerton. Leeds is where I grew up and hadn’t been back for some time.

An audience member jumped on stage to sing a bit of Sam Cook’s “Bring it on Home” which has never happened before!;) and St Gemma’s gave a beautiful talk.

#SevenArts #Leeds #ChapelAllerton #MerryChristmasEverybody #HigherThanBefore #sarahcaltieri #newmusic #musician #sarahschronicles #somethingicouldntsay

(Audio :This image is off a video clip from a special gig For Christmas. The picture shows a stage where a lady is playing the piano whilst wearing reindeer antlers on her head. The piano is decorated with beautiful glowing fairy lights. There is a gentleman playing the guitar wearing a pair of suit pants, a red tie, white shirt and a black leather jacket. There is another lady with a Santa hat on and a velvety purple suit on who is singing. Sarah is standing next to thi lady also singing she has on a grey poofy Milan skirt with what looks like a silver waistband and she is wearing an Alice band with snowflakes on as antennas on her head and she has a pair of fairy wings attached to her like she's just about to take off from the stage. She is wearing black, low heel stiletto type boots. There is a man on the left of Sarah wearing sunglasses whilst standing in front of a keyboard and is playing the saxophone. They are in mid-song Merry Christmas Everybody and looked like they're having a whale of a time.)

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