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Sarah’s Chronicles #21 - [Beltane Fire Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland]

“Rising Out Of The Ashes”⠀ ⠀ I have my own rituals for keeping fear at bay...including breaking my own boundaries and setting myself challenges. ⠀ ⠀ After a particularly challenging period a few years ago, I was invited to take part in one of the biggest fire festivals in the world. I was told by a non-believer “this is not suitable for someone like you at all” (something I have endured continuously over the years by strangers whom don’t know me). My response? (Bearing in mind I’m grateful for people who tell me “can’t” as I’ll go out and do it anyway and more) “You’ll believe in me soon.”⠀ With a great creative team, I marched proudly with the Beltane procession on top of Calton Hill, Edinburgh and was privileged to dance on top of The historical Monument underneath huge burning sculptures in front of 10,000 people. Whilst we enjoyed celebrations and dancing on the hill afterwards, I was approached by the person who doubted my abilities and he apologised. I hugged him and said “thank you, it’s ok. I forgive you.”The power of words spoken by one person can be so mentally bruising, or so healing and uplifting. ⠀ This was one of the most special nights of my life, for many reasons. ⠀ #BeltaneFireFestival #Edinburgh #Scotland

(Audio: The images for this Chronicle are for the Beltane fire festival in Edinburgh. The first image shows a picture of two trees. One is a green tree in the form of a male with leaves coming out of his head with what looks like the sun appearing from his back. The other tree, which is in the form of a female is white with branches coming out of her head with pale pink flowers on them. There is a white moon appearing on the back of the female tree. These two trees are hugging with their roots showing at the bottom. Underneath this image of the two trees is some typed out text in white font with the date and times and ticket availability of the festival. To the right of this image, in light yellow font is typed Sarah's Chronicles at the top and at the bottom is Edinburgh, Scotland Beltane Fire Festival. On all of these images is a background print with abstract art on it in a light maroon colour. The second image is of the fire festival where there are some people playing drums attached to their waists wearing black tee shirts whilst other people are dancing with fire and some have branches of leaves attached to their backs. This is all taking place in front of what looks like a small replica of the Colosseum. This image has Edinburgh, Scotland Beltane Fire Festival typed underneath it. The 3rd and final image is of the small replica of the Colosseum with people standing posing for a picture the Sky is blue with very low lying clouds in the distance. There is a photographer capturing the moment. Again the image has Edinburgh, Scotland Beltane Fire Festival typed underneath it.)

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