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Sarah’s Chronicles #22 - "Full Circle" by Kobus Moolman, Oval House Theatre, London.

I was invited to play this role of a visionary during the life and times of the apartheid. I felt honoured to serve this script and play the leading role (originally played by an award-winning South African actress). I ended up having to strangle my uncle with a net curtain in the buff! (Was for the artistic purpose of the script). it was great fun although a harrowing story."

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(Audio : These images show a poster ad for a play that Sarah starred in. In the first image we see a man looking through binoculars and Full Circle by Kobus Moolman is written at the top in bold yellow writing. At the bottom, underneath the image also in yellow writing is the date the play runs from and until (31 Oct-18 Nov 2006) the place where it will show (Oval House Theatre), the box office number and the Web address ( the right of this in a circle written in white is Arts Council England. This part of Sarah's Chronicles. In the second image is a full description of what Full Circle is about.)

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