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Sarah’s Chronicles #23 - My debut album [Something I Couldn't Say...]

My debut album ‘Something I Couldn’t Say...’ self-released digitally and internationally, then Ltd edition CD on...recorded at Riverside Studios, Glasgow ‘the old-fashioned way.’ Mostly live musicians and artists in their own right brought my songs and part of my historical journey to life. ⠀ ⠀ It took roughly 2 years to make from start to finish, every note, every sound, all the artwork, all self-funded, many hours and train journeys to the studio and a lot of tottis and vegetables! I feel proud I gave my heart and soul to this to leave the earth when I leave the planet.And to give it to you ⠀ #debutalbum #CD #unboxing #SarahCaltieri #newmusic #HigherThanBefore #somethingicouldntsay

(Audio: In these pictures it shows Sarah's debut album. In the first image is her album cover labelled Sarah's Chronicles written in bold white writing on a blush pink background. Underneath this is the album cover which shows a pleated lamp shame with a round mirror lamp stand resting on a wooden table which is next to a wooden chair and the writing Sarah Caltieri 'Something I Couldn’t Say...’. The' I' in Caltieri is dotted with a heart instead of a dot. At the bottom underneath the CD cover is written My debut album ‘Something I Couldn’t Say...’ The second image shows the CD cover opened with a gold, white and black butterfly on the left-hand side and the actual CD on the right-hand side. The next two images show the CD booklet showing names of songs and writing underneath.

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