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Sarah’s Chronicles #24

This gig in Leeds was one of my most memorable because it was so special. Some friends hosted a fundraising gig at their wonderful hairdressing salon to raise money for the juvenile diabetes research foundation (JDRF) and MS society to charities close to our hearts. I had some amazing musicians play with me for this gig, including Harry Hamer (Chumbawamba), Nikki Allen, and Nightmares on Wax also did a set. We had the whole hairdressers rocking! Raised some amazing funds and had a fantastic time. The Yorkshire Evening Post had a piece on it. Good memories of Leeds

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Audio: This image shows a Thank You to Sarah awarded for being the top fundraiser of the year for her outstanding contribution to the 'Hydro Active Challenge for Women 2005'. The next image gives the details of the gig performed at a hairdressing salon.

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