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Sarah’s Chronicles #31 - Happy Birthday!

Day of birth. Thank you for giving me, life parents! Without you, there would be no “chaosttieri.” It's definitely been an interesting one... this year’s birthday was one I'd never expect to see in my lifetime. “Coronavirus Birthday.” Speaking to all my friends virtually or on phones as we are currently in a national lockdown. And the party? Wow... zoom parties are actually so much easier to organise than physical ones. It's quite funny when people have had a few drinks, and everybody is talking at once, and there is a slight delay. It's also really strange just looking at everybody’s faces lined up on a screen from their living rooms so “new age.” A lot of fun, but I am craving human physical madness, sparkles, physical dancing, and meeting new humans in person.


The first image shows a clip from Sarah's birthday bash where we see in the background a purple Happy Birthday sign which has fairy lights draped on either side and above the sign. Sarah is looking very glam in her purple bandana, her glittery gold eye patch, and you can see half of her black lacy sexy top. There are some funky cushions behind Sarah, two of which are gold glitzy cushions, a red velvet one, and a yellow velvet cushion. Next to the yellow cushion, you can see half a pink balloon. Sarah's party is in session!

On the second image, there are 3 pictures of when Sarah was a baby. Two pictures show Sarah wearing what looks like blue dungarees with a pale blue jumper underneath, sitting on a green patterned carpet. The bottom picture shows baby Sarah sitting next to a red and cream toy train. Sarah looks like she is thoroughly enjoying a delicious chocolate cookie. The top picture shows Sarah holding the biscuit with both hands in her lap, and her mouth is wide open, and she has a very startled look on her face showing that she knows she’s been caught in the act! It’s a priceless baby picture! The third picture shows baby Sarah being held whilst wearing a very cute and cuddly red Christmas onesie with a white zip front. She has on some white socks and mittens and the most adorable Santa hat where the white rim of the hat almost covers her whole head. Above this picture is the font Sarah’s Chronicles and below it the time which shows 08:57.

The last image shows an Apple phone with a picture taken of a slice of Sarah’s birthday cake. Sarah is wearing her fishnet glove on her hand, which is stretched out holding a white plate with a red rim, and on the plate is a slice of birthday cake blazing with lit candles. In the background, you can see the purple Y from the birthday sign and a string of draped fairy lights on the wall.

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