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Sarah’s Chronicles #32 - ITV Coronation Street (Roy's Rolls)

Years ago, when I was trying to rehabilitate myself as a partially sighted singer/ actor, I had every single door slammed in my face! Most of the time, every direction I turned to try and seek help for my career or to learn new skills as a partially sighted person, I would either have to wait weeks and weeks and weeks, or most ‘official's responses would be “we don't have a box for that, sorry we can't help with that maybe the blind organisations can. You can't do both. You'll have to pick between acting or singing.”

I remember sitting in the job centre once unable to use a computer as I hadn't been able to learn about the speech software available at the time; however, as a performer, I'd already gained several leading roles, a couple of awards, and an international TV documentary at the time. Without looking at my CV, the ‘official’ said to me (when I asked if there was a system to help persons like myself seek the work that we could do) the response I received was “I'm not prepared to help you find singing or acting work. I think we should find you something more ‘realistic’ Sarah. We all have dreams.” (Bearing in mind she hadn't even looked at my CV or accolades as a bat woman). It was then that I realised I don’t fit into anybody else’s box (and wouldn’t want to) and that I had to forge my own path and own brand ‘as Sarah.’