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Sarah's Chronicles #33 - Feeling Our History:The Experience of Blindness and Sight Loss in E

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I was very happy to be tracked down (when I was living in Edinburgh at the time), after writer, author and historian Iain Hutchison saw me at a gig and be invited to write the theme tune for this extremely interesting project about 'uncensored' blind street performers in Edwardian Edinburgh. I thoroughly enjoyed researching blind street performers and the music of the era between 1906 and 1910. Of course, I had to give the theme tune an upbeat “Edwardiany/Music Hally feel.” The wonderful session players ‘Seonaid Aitken’ and ‘Sally Clay’ featured on the track, which was aired over a six-part podcast series about Edwardian Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. “Have a cuppa tea” in the lyrics is also featured in “Feeling Our History.” It was a delight to be invited to sing at the launch of the book and podcast series in the historical building in “Register House.” Of course, for singing the song in such a beautiful, ,grand building, I insisted on us all wearing the Music Hall costume of the times! I managed to source a local theatrical company who kindly obliged to loan us the absolutely stunning Music Hall ball dresses featured in this picture.

🦇Bat audio: In this first picture we see the front cover of the book in a black and white image of the streets of Edinburgh in Edwardian times. The street is very wide with plenty of activity going on. There are 3 ladies all dressed in Edwardian outfits walking across the street, there are horses and carriages lining either side of the street. Trees are in full bloom on one side of the street and opposite are old Edwardian buildings. In the distance are some beautifully architected monuments showing the great history of the past.

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