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Sarah's Chronicles #33 - Feeling Our History:The Experience of Blindness and Sight Loss in E

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I was very happy to be tracked down (when I was living in Edinburgh at the time), after writer, author and historian Iain Hutchison saw me at a gig and be invited to write the theme tune for this extremely interesting project about 'uncensored' blind street performers in Edwardian Edinburgh. I thoroughly enjoyed researching blind street performers and the music of the era between 1906 and 1910. Of course, I had to give the theme tune an upbeat “Edwardiany/Music Hally feel.” The wonderful session players ‘Seonaid Aitken’ and ‘Sally Clay’ featured on the track, which was aired over a six-part podcast series about Edwardian Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. “Have a cuppa tea” in the lyrics is also featured in “Feeling Our History.” It was a delight to be invited to sing at the launch of the book and podcast series in the historical building in “Register House.” Of course, for singing the song in such a beautiful, ,grand building, I insisted on us all wearing the Music Hall costume of the times! I managed to source a local theatrical company who kindly obliged to loan us the absolutely stunning Music Hall ball dresses featured in this picture.