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Sarah’s Chronicles #35

Updated: Jan 31

Feel so proud to have been chosen for "record of the week" upon "something I couldn't say is" first release limited edition CD in 2017 before having to take a small break as a result of a head injury and life circumstances.

The Untapped Project - Wolfman Radio Wolfman Radio prides themselves on picking the best of indie music. It's so nice to be recognised for the work one puts out and in. And there was a lot of love and work put into making this record! Thank you Wolfman for making it record of the week and to all the fans. I'm glad you like the album:-).

This image is for Wolfman Radio highlighting the Record of the Week. It shows a brick background with a framed gold CD placed on a dark red background and inscribed underneath the CD is Record of the Week also placed on a small gold plaque. Next to the framed CD is the words ‘The Untapped Project’ in black font with a white highlighted background around the font. Underneath this is ‘presents’ in yellow italic font and in uppercase bold black font with a yellow highlight reads ‘Records of the week 2017’, Thursday 28th December. Underneath this in the same font as the untapped project is part one 8:00 to 10:00 PM with Lee Madge and then Part 2 12:00 to 2:00 AM with Gerrit Louwsma. In bold yellow uppercase font right at the bottom of this image is the web address

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