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Sarah's Chronicles #38

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to perform as a guest singer at the UCAN Productions Festival held at the Wales Millennium Centre, where I performed my single ‘No More Tears.’ It was interesting to learn about their creative outreach work teaching about inclusivity within The Arts. I watched lots of other young talented performers and it was fun to take part in some of their activities such as plate spinning!! I also had the pleasure of meeting young starlet Melody from CBeebies and her mum Lynda.

UCAN Productions is a Creative Arts Co-operative run by and for blind and partially sighted young people. What I admire about UCAN Productions is that the focus is all about the talent and art, not the lack of sight. UCAN Productions

Bat Audio: Image 1- This image is of Sarah and 2 other people. Sarah's hair is a dark chocolate colour, and she is wearing a red top underneath a blue jean jacket. A blonde girl with glasses by the name of Mandy (she was from CBeebies) is leaning on Sarah's shoulder, smiling. Mandy is wearing a stone coloured hoodie. Leaning over Mandy's shoulder is her mother, Lynda. This is a great picture that captures a happy moment. Image 2 - This is taken inside the Wales Millennium Centre of a mixed group of adults and children, all with UCAN Productions t-shirts on playing instruments. There is the main singer who is singing into a microphone and a speaker set up next to the performers. Image 3 - This image shows Cardiff Bay at dusk. The beautiful sunset gives off a mixture of colours, causing a pink/purple/orange sky. The clock tower of the church stands prominently whilst the other buildings around this are beautifully lit up. A scene of calm and peacefulness of the sun setting over Cardiff in Wales.

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