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Sarah’s Chronicles #40 – The Evie Project

It's not often I agree to play “blind or partially sighted roles” (unless they are empowering or funny) ... however, when I read this script, it brought me to tears as it was so honest and resonated with a similar experience of mine years ago.

This short film is about an artist who loses some of her physical vision and she has to learn different ways of painting. It's a beautiful story about a family who learns how to come to terms with it and an artist who learns how to paint again. It was filmed in a huge country house in Winchester, and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of this team.

It was called the Evie Project and was written and directed by Mickaela Drew. The premiere took place at Curzon Soho in London.


Image 1 - Here we see Caitlyn holding what looks like a Wotsit in her hand ready to eat whilst blindfolded.

Image 2 - Sarah & Caitlyn are having a great time painting their masterpiece together. The canvas is placed on an easel with tubes of paint on the table, both Caitlyn and Sarah are using their hands to create the painting.

Image 3 - This is an image of the credits at the end of the short film and features Sarah's name playing the part of Kate Bennett.

Image 4 - This is the painting done by Sarah and Caitlyn at the end of the film. The painting has some raised textured sections on it. The colours are mainly green, with splashes of blue and yellow in the mix too. At the bottom of the painting is Sarah's signature and underneath this is written "All my love Sarah xx". Next to this is Caitlyn's signature and written underneath is "Thank you for being on my first job."

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