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Sarah’s Chronicles #8 - [Eyepatch]⠀

I create different ‘eyepatch” looks as part of my image to highlight my unique"magic" eye. I especially love keeping you all on your toes with what I'm going to wear on the stage next!

All inspired from being completely misjudged most of the time for being partially sighted, and battling negativity constantly projected onto me by others. This is my projection out to everybody else! Fun, loud, and proud!

#NoMoreTears promo in 2016, 2017 was so much fun. No More Tears is a song about being part of the world stage no matter what or who tries to bring you down... My life (despite the above mentioned), has been amazing, fun, creative, and passionate since it changed for the better after losing a lot of my (physical) vision. My life is not a “tragedy.” I’m the real life “trail-blazing batwoman who loves life and feels honoured to be serving you all with my voice, music, acting, creativity, and inner clown

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