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Video Diary Of A Stage Play

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

“Tinted” by Amy Bethan Evans, Directed by Ain Contant, produced by Extant theatre company, performed by Sarah Caltieri, hosted by The Bloomsbury Theatre as part of The Bloomsbury Festival , London”

My Little Pony

This is a picture of a very pretty purple My Little Pony. She has a unicorn on her head and silver bits in her tail, mane and painted on her per bottom. She was discussed as a prop during the rehearsal period but it was decided that unfortunately on this occasion, her audition as prop pony had not been successful, however was contracted by Sarah Caltieri to be used for this blog.


I wanted to bring you something slightly different for this blog. It all started with keeping a vlog diary for you about what it is like preparing to do a stage play right up until show night, except there were a few technical hitches along the way and had to abort ship and so i’ve put this blog together instead as a little insight for you to catch a glimpse of what it is like for an actor/singer behind the scenes.

It is something I’m asked about a lot and so I hope this will give you a small insight. Of course, every show, play, gig is different. This blog is centred around a one woman SHOW (Tinted by Amy Bethan Evans, directed by Ailin Conant. It was performed as part of The Bloomsbury festival last week at The Bloomsbury Theatre. I hope you enjoy it.

Video Diary Day One


Some photos from the day!

The rehearsal space Central London

This is a photo of the rehearsal space in Central London and there are windows situated all around the room with a pretty view of sunshine lighting some of the surrounding buildings. It is quite far up. Roughly about 3 floors.

Writer's feedback!

This is a photo of Amy, the writer of Tinted. She is wearing glasses and has long blond hair. She is proudly sporting a purple Vintage My Little Pony with silver streaks in its mane. The pony looks proud!

Time for the cattle prod!

Urgh. The underground. Thank the universe for friendly tube staff who are fab guides and body guards!

Journey home.

This is a photo of Liverpool Street Station at rush hour.

The dress rehearsal - Freedom!

This is Caltieri having fun in a changing room trying on costume. The walls are a cream colour with a rail at the back and a mirror on the right. She is messing around posing with a leg out sexily to the side and hands on her hips with her head looking down and to the left. She is in pyjamas! The top has long sleeves and is a dark baby pink colour. The bottoms are white and have pink hearts all over them to match the top. She looks happy!

Outfit selection time!

My beautiful red and black nails

This is Sarah’s hand proudly showing off her nails (alternative darkish point, then black with silver sparkles on). They look like yin yang nails but with pink instead of white.

All together now!

This is a photo of four women, taken backstage in the dressing room just before the show. Far left is a cheeky face (think it’s Caltieri), smiling, hair tied back, purple spangled eyeshadow, red lips and red streak at the front of her hair, then Aileen, she has short brown hair and big laugh, then Amy with her long blonde hair berub ike face and big laugh, then far right we have Christine also with her long blond hair, sultry eyes and slight knowing smile on her face.

Dressing Room

This is a photo taken from the dressing room. You can clearly see big white arrows leading from the door to the side of the auditorium and down the side of the seats. In the distance you can see the lit stage displaying a huge bed with neutral coloured bedding on it. This is the prop Sarah will be using.

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