Bold, beautiful, and impossible to ignore

Sarah Caltieri is an award-winning singer/songwriter/actor from Leeds in the UK, currently making her mark on the global music scene. She has spent many years collaborating with musicians in a variety of genres, working with legendary tutors, as well as fronting 5 bands. She has performed in venues across the UK, from small-scale to stadium-sized venues, and has had original songs broadcast on national television, national and international radio.

Pushing boundaries against all odds…

Her sound is unmistakable, fusing a powerful, angelic voice to raw, guitar-fuelled instrumentation. She is influenced by a wide range of artists from different cultures, making her style difficult to pigeonhole, though often combines a soulful delivery with an untamed punk attitude. Sarah’s songs often touch on subjects of overcoming hardship and going against the odds, serving as the perfect soundtrack for anyone going through the trials and tribulations of life. She’s known for pushing boundaries with her music and going to extreme lengths to capture the perfect sound for each track.

To date, she’s put out a handful of well-received releases through her own record label that has seen her grow a steady following worldwide. She got her to start collaborating with other artists, though her career truly kicked off when she wrote the song “Higher Than Before”. The track was heard by millions and featured in the documentary she starred in about her own life journey. A budding actor, she has also featured in many plays and shows. For several years now her full-length album “Something I Couldn’t Say…” has been her main project. Songs from the project landed spots on many international music charts, cementing her as a force to be reckoned with in the wider music industry.

Unstoppable and unperturbed by obstacles

The journey to fully-fledged recording artist has not been an easy one. Whilst pursuing her recording and acting career, Sarah lost most of her vision at age 23, through type 1 Diabetes, as a result of a common diabetic eating disorder (EDMT1) from her late teens. Due to being partially sighted, she was often rejected from many roles. She didn’t let this get her down though and kept on moving towards her dreams. Growing up she was fortunate enough to be surrounded by an eclectic range of influences which seeps through in her genre-defying sound. Inspired by acts like Jimmy Hendrix, Little Richard, The Beatles, John Lennon, Oasis, Patti Smith, she leans more in a pop and rock direction. As a child, she would perform in musicals with her first live solo performance being as Freddie Mercury singing a rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” in front of her school friends.


Due to a life-threatening diabetic eating disorder, she put her dreams on hold for a while though she never stopped writing and performing — noting that music is a healing and liberating process which allows her to show the world her innermost feelings.

“Independence rules this spirit” 

(Alternative Fruit)


"Amazing and very inspiring..."

(Radio Saltire : Katie G)


“Sarah Caltieri is something of a divine talent on the up.
The Award-winning singer/actor has built something of a portfolio
with her increasing array of capabilities.” 

(Rockstar Poet / Rockstar Blog : Ansel Manderson )

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